We are VisualPath.
An independent indie game studio.

We are new in this business, but we struggle to become one of the best indie companies out there.
It will be an interesting journey, but we are ready for it...

We provide our players with quality over quantity. One great game is better than ten average games.

More About Us

Our strategy.

Analysis & Espionage

Find out what the players want for a certain type of game. Pros and cons of other titles in that category.

Doodling & Sketching

Based on the information we get from the analysis, we start sketching and planning the game flow.

Thousands of hours on the dark side

Once the planning is done, we adventure to the dark side of the game development industry: programming.

In-house playing and feedback

Once we have a playable version, we do in-house testing and also closed beta testing to get feedback from the future players.

Legend of Miro

Official Steam launch, August 2016.

Legend of Miro is a 2D Storytelling role-playing game that will change your perspective on life.

Find out what is important in your life, until it is too late.

Play the role of James Sullivan as you try to find your way back home after a terrible incident that brought you to the island of Miro.

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