We are VisualPath.
An independent indie game studio.

We are new in this business, but we struggle to become one of the best indie companies out there. It will be an interesting journey, but we are ready for it... We provide our players with quality over quantity. One great game is better than ten average games.

Who we are.

VisualPath was founded in 2011 as a web development company. In 2015 we decided to try our luck in the gaming industry. It wasn't long since we announced our very first indie game title.

In March 2016 we posted our first game on the Steam platform, to see what people think of our first game. It was a shock for us to see that the game got Greenlit in 8 days and that the feedback was so good. We would like to thank all of the supporters once again.

The reason why we decided to build a 2D storytelling role-playing game was because we saw so many titles flooding the gaming market in the past year, but people did not respond very well to them. The main reason was that most of them were rough, unpolished and put together in a hurry.

We saw this as a challenge, and decided to go for it. Could we make a 2D storytelling RPG that would change what people think about this type of games?

Once we released the first footage of our game it was an honor for us to see our small indie game compared to Stardew Valley, a title that proved that indie games can compete with AAA titles, player wise.

Analysis & Espionage

Leaving all jokes aside, we take our analysis and studies real serious, because we want to deliver games that are tailored on the wishes and needs of the future players. Of course, we use all the available tools to analyse other titles, but the best way to check the pros and cons is to actually play the game and see what you feel when you play it.

Doodling & Sketching

Everything starts with a simple doodle or a sketch, but once we have a general idea of what we want to accomplish, we get serious.

We start thinking about the flow of the game, the characters, environment, quests, dialogues, mechanics and everything else that composes a good game. Once this is done, we move to the next step.

Hours spent on the dark side

Like most of you think, this is the most time consuming step in a game's development cycle. Although, planning can be very time consuming, the effective coding and implementation of ideas take the longest.

These thousands of hours are composed from programming, model creation, mechanics integration and so on.

Testing and Feedback

Once we have a playable version of the game, we perform in-house testing before we release it to our external testers. This is a mandatory step for us, as we want to solve all the possible bugs until the game gets to our testers.
Based on the feedback we get from the testers, we fix the bugs and integrate any new ideas that the testers come up with.

Why we chose Game Development?

1 The main reason why we chose game development as a main activity is because we are gamers before anything else. We like to play games, study the storyline, see the pros and cons of each game.

It is more than just a hobby, it is a way of live. A way to meet new people from all over the world and chat about what is good and what is bad regarding a title.

2 Game development is a very challenging niche, and since we like challenges, we decided to take a leap of faith and try our luck. Every hour we spend developing a game, we encounter many problems, bugs and issues, but we take the time to analyse them and to find a way to fix them.
Sometimes all we need to do to find a fix for the problems, is to take a short break and clear our heads.

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