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Players initially control a man named William, who inherits a mansion following the mysterious death of his aunt and uncle, along with the unexplained disappearance of their daughter. What at first seems to be a blessing, may prove to be a curse, however, as upon your arrival you discover that “something terrible” seems to have happened there.

As you cautiously explore the abandoned building in an attempt to discover the truth behind the fate of the family, you will need to “solve puzzles, riddles and follow the clues” to proceed, but must also be aware that “you are not alone in that mansion.”

Part of the game takes place in darkness, with just the beam of your flashlight showing the way, though daytime scenes will be playable as well. You’ll also have another source of light that is integral to your investigation, as “there are clues, areas, puzzles, enemies and hints only visible when you use your UV light.”

The game features some intense scenes involving Quick Time Events to evade, counter, or complete various actions. However, this will not be the main focus of the gameplay, as your wits will be your primary tool in avoiding the entity that haunts the mansion.

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The Team

We are a small team of only two developers that work hard towards our goal of becoming an established studio and expanding our team in the future.

We handle everything from creating our assets and models to developing the games, marketing our projects, expanding our fan base and maintain the social media channels.

Most of the times these tasks seem to cause the burnout effect, but we always remember this is our passion and we are driven by it. Each step we take towards completing a project, restores our powers and sparks new ideas in our brains.

Our team is based in Targu Mures, Romania, which is a small town in the center of the country. Although not many people heard about this small town, we are trying to bring it on the gaming industry map.

We hope to succeed in this competitive industry and launch as many titles as we possibly can that will amaze our fans.

Bogdan C.
Bogdan Chirtes


3D & Graphic Artist, Game Developer and Born Gamer...

Vlad M.
Vlad Meghes

Founder, Developer

Game Developer, Web Developer and Long Time Gamer...