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Gray Destiny

A 3D game in which the player is playing the role of the main character, William Stoker. We wanted the player to feel the action and the emotions from the character’s point of view. Gray Destiny is a first-person game filled with emotions, adrenaline and action.
The game is still in early development, so there is still a lot of work to do. We will release an early access version so that the community can send us their feedback.

Under Development
Release Date: TBD
Engine: Unity
Category: Crime, Action
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Legend of Miro

Legend of Miro is a 2D Storytelling role-playing game that will change your perspective on life. Find out what is important in your life, until it is too late.

Play the role of James Sullivan as you try to find your way back home after a terrible incident that brought you to the island of Miro.

Released on Steam
Release Date: 22 Aug. 2016
Engine: 001 Game Creator
Category: RPG
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