Gray Destiny

Gray Destiny

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Controller Compatibility

Full compatibility with all the popular controllers. Play from your couch or from your computer.

Addictive Puzzles

Find your way out by solving various puzzles and riddles. Do you think you can solve them in time?

Different Characters

Play with various characters throughout the story. Use each one's ability to your advantage.

Gray Destiny

Teaser Trailer

It is a cold night and there is nobody around. Everybody seems to have disappeared. What are you going to do next?

It seems that whoever called you to this place had a secret plan. Do you think you can find someone to help you, or are you stuck here forever?

About The Game

What would you do if you got a notification about your uncle passing away and leaving you his mansion? You would probably head over there and see what is going on. But what if when you got there, you find out that a terrible incident happened and you are stuck there?








Ways to die

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